New Release: ‘Foggy Road’

Award-winning fantasy author collaborates on free-to-play interactive fiction game

On Sunday, April 9, Blue Glasses Publishing announced the release of “Foggy Road,” an interactive fiction game set in the world of author Julie Elise Landry’s dark fantasy novel “Bless the Skies.”

“Foggy Road” follows an aspiring spy whose motivations, abilities, and fate are determined by readers’ choices. The action takes place approximately three-and-a-half years prior to the opening events of “Bless the Skies” and deals with “the Fog,” a character in the original book.

“We built the story so anyone can enjoy it, whether or not they’ve read the book,” Landry said. “That was important to us. The story should equally introduce and supplement the world.”

Landry wrote the story and devised the mechanics. Indie game developer Paul Boquet implemented her vision using Twine.

Boquet said, “Our collaboration paired what I know about game design with what she knows about writing. We’re happy with the result.”

Blue Glasses Publishing distributed “Foggy Road” through itch.ioa digital marketplace where visitors can play indie games for free or name their own prices.

“A full play-through takes about 15 minutes—granted, most of our play-testers were eager to play again after the first round. There’s a few different endings,” Landry said. “Regardless, the bite-sized nature of the story lends itself to the ‘pay-what-you-want, if-you-want’ model.”

Andy Tripp of Tripp’n Productions, cover designer for “Bless the Skies,” designed the cover image for the game.

For more information or to purchase “Foggy Road,” visit

“Bless the Skies” was recently named a 2017 EPIC eBook Awards Finalist in the fantasy/paranormal category.